Aden Brook was founded in 1998 by Nick Fitzpatrick in his hometown of Liberty NY. The name comes from a brook, the aden brook with headwaters starting on the same farm where the business was originally based on.

With no experience in the hay industry but a keen interest in hay, farming and trucks Nick set out to build a name and a business.

Notable developments from our timeline.


Summer 1998

After renting the Clark farm Nick with the help of brothers Joe, John and Mr Clark made hay in 130 acres putting up 7500 bales in the first year.

Winter 1999

After selling the first season’s hay crop and with advice by watching several mentors, Nick started buying hay from other farmers and selling it to the original customers he had. This also expanded the ability to offer other types of hay that were not produced and expand to new customers and markets. The marketing slogan was created “Quality, Dependability & Peace of Mind”

Summary 1999

With increased demand for hay to be delivered farther distances the first new truck and trailer was purchased. A 2000 F350 Ford and 32’ Kaufman Trailer. With the better equipment loads up to 400 bales and 10 tons could be hauled. Customer base expanded into New Jersey.

Spring 2000

With new customers and demand a 2nd truck was purchased an F550 Ford with another Kaufman 32’ trailer. Dave Stewart became the first employee driving one truck while Nick drove the other.

Winter 2001

With the need for a yard close to the highway the business office and yard was relocated to Ferndale NY close to route 17. 3 acres of land were purchased. Several more trucks were added to the fleet including the first semi a 1994 Freightliner FLD120 with a 48’ Stepdeck.

Fall 2002

A fire on a sunday night destroyed the main warehouse where inventory was stored. The fire spared the trucks but equipment, office, records and inventory was lost. That monday morning all deliveries went out on time.

Spring 2003

After the fire and with help from neighbors the business was relocated to another building a mile away. The business had expanded.

Summer 2005

The company had developed a customer base primarily located in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Looking for better efficiency the operations were relocated to Orange County and based out of a property in Bullville NY.



The company changed focus from just hay to include retail and trucking. The Pine Bush Agway a retail location was purchased and parts of the hay business merged in to the retail operation.



Operating a complicated business not entirely focused on any one customer group and with slim margins, the business became unprofitable and quickly became insolvent. Through open discussion with creditors about the mistakes that had been made, parts of the business were wound down and the assets sold helping the creditors to maximize value. The process was difficult and many lessons were learned.



Agri Sales USA, Inc. was formed and the business refocused entirely on our original goals. Buying and selling quality hay and delivering to customers while maintaining a reputation for always standing behind our products and doing what we say we would do.


With several years of experience Aden Brook began to grow profitably and take on larger customers as well as gain the trust of larger suppliers. Having developed a customer base with the show horse industry a seasonal operation was started in Wellington FL to service show horse customers while they over wintered in south florida.


With strong business demand and a need for a large farm base in the right location Nick and Nelly Mazur came to an agreement on the purchase of the 207 acre Mazur Farm located alongside Interstate 84 in Montgomery NY.


The new farm was quickly cleaned up and improved to accommodate the business as well as grow good crops. The new location quickly proved a very successful move for the business.


Aden Brook purchases a hay storage and truck yard in Hawk Springs Wyoming so that we can better serve our growing supply and customer base in the High Plains region as well as provide a location to store and manage inventory for hay moving to other parts of the country.


Aden Brook purchased a yard in Belle Glade FL just west of our customer base in Wellington FL. From our new location we will have increased warehouse space and less congested routes for our trucks to service our growing florida business.

In by Nick Fitzpatrick