Orchard grass 2/3/4 cut sweet hay is a very soft hay baled at 25% moisture or less when conditions did not allow for drying. Some batches are as low as 15% moisture depending on time of day baled. Depending on the batch it is either 2nd, 3rd or 4th cut. The hay was cut at optimum maturity and tests in the 17 to 20% range with a high RFQ. Highly palatable it’s an excellent cattle, sheep, goat and alpaga feed and in some cases can be fed to horses. The wrap is very high quality having 10 layers to keep any air out. The hay was also baled at high density to keep air out of the bale and preserve the hay better. Sweet hay is a term used when hay is baled with some moisture but not enough moisture to make the hay ensile or ferment. When baled as a sweet hay it will hold its color and stay fresh and smell good having all the characteristics of dry hay. The 3x4x6 high density bales weigh around 1200 to 1500lb.

In by Nick Fitzpatrick

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3x4x6 large square wrapped
Orchard Grass Sweet Hay from Aden Brook