In by Nick Fitzpatrick

Mixed hay is very popular as a way to blend the best of legumes and grasses producing a great feed. The gold standard in horse hay is of course Timothy Alfalfa mix, Timothy providing the fiber and digestibility and Alfalfa the protein the “candy” to help horses eat it better. Timothy Alfalfa or TA mix is the most common type of mixed hay in the eastern US. Our list of mixed hay varieties are:


Timothy Alfalfa – The gold standard mixed horse hay.


Timothy Clover – An excellent alternative to Timothy Alfalfa mixes.


Timothy Orchard – A grass/grass mix many times used as a good calm forage for riding horses.


Orchard Alfalfa – Most commonly known as the very green sweet 2nd cutting hay.
Timothy Grass Mix – A mixture of Timothy and native grasses. Most commonly a lower cost feed hay for horses and other animals.


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