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#1 Quality Timothy Hay in 2 String Bales – #3000



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#1 Quality timothy 1st cut hay in 2 string bales is a staple horse feed within the riding and show horse category. This hay provides adult working horses with a consistent lower protein high fiber feed. The hay is harvested when timothy is fully mature during the summer when hot dry days allow for sound drying. 1st cut timothy can seem coarse, less green and stemmy compared to other grass hays but that’s its nature and why it provides such a good source of fiber. Produced across NY, PA, OH, MI and Ontario on many smaller farms, consistency can be a challenge but over the years our company has excelled in grading and matching batches to the same customers year round. The bales weigh around 65lb and contain about 15 flakes. They can be easily handled in any stable operation. Our 2016 batches of this hay are exceptionally nice!!