Item #1015

Model 1E Aden Brook Loader Bale Spears



Model 1E Aden Brook Loader Bale Spears ( euro style global quick coupler) have been designed by us through years of trial and error handling many different size bales and types of hay. This unit is a heavy duty loader attachment for high horsepower tractors and loaders with lifting capacity of 4000 to 9000 lb. It is designed to perform either in the field or loading/unloading trucks in the yard. The model 1E is designed to handle 3 3×3 bales, 3 3×4 bales or 2 4×4 bales. The spears are also set to handle bale baron or bale bandit bundles 3 at a time. 2 round bales are also not an issue. Can be operated with 3 or 4 spears depending on the material you are loading. Can also be fitted with either 34” or 44” spears depending on the bale size. Our German made cold rolled tapered spears have proven in our own operations to hold up better than other spears available on the market. Designed through experience and manufactured in our shop one at a time using ⅜ steel tube and the highest quality welding, we are confident this will prove to be the best loader spears you can buy. Unit measures 84” total height and 81” total width. Equipped with the standard Euro Style Global J hook quick couplers that are standard on most new tractors.