Item #1012

Professional Grade Hay Elevator



Our professional grade hay elevators are second to none in the industry. Manufactured from aircraft grade tube steel and powder coated finish. The chain rides in a permanently lubricated track with roller bearing guide wheels on each end.

Our company has 9 of these elevators that are used daily and the oldest one has 8 years of daily use sometimes unloading 4000 bales per day. The chain never comes off. We will simply not unload unless we are using one of these units. It’s not worth our aggravation to deal with other types of elevators that break constantly and sound like a racket. The machine also runs extremely quiet so you can talk and unload hay in peace.

The motor comes off easily for storage and safe transport. The elevator is very light, weighing around 130lb.

These units come in sizes from 16’ up to 30’ in length. Most common size is 20’ for unloading trucks of all sizes.