2023 Northeast Hay: What Should Expectations Be

by Ross The Boss
08 June 2023 | [email protected] | 845.990.2059


New hay is being cut and baled and stacked in the barns as we read this. What should you as a consumer be expecting to see is something that needs to be addressed. Quantity, Quality should be thought of. With that being said let’s review some things. 

Mother Nature has been very uncooperative. The lack of rain in parts of the Northeast has left the production of hay at a standstill and from what’s been cut and baled in some parts already it’s been short in size and poor nutrition wise.  Grass needs water and sunshine to grow so without it the grass/Hay is not growing properly. Farmers are saying that they are yielding in some spots 50% less than normal and in other spots close to 75% less than normal.  

The Canadian Wildfires have air quality at a minimum and has sunshine at a minimum. This all influences the quality of hay that is or is not growing.  We all know the process of how a plant or legume grows and the influence of what is happening is going to be something we need to address. Horses are grazing animals; they need hay more importantly than grains. We need as animal owners to insure that to them.  

With the minimal hay crop this year there needs to be options for everyone.  So now let’s discuss some options. 

  1. Check with your hay supplier and possibly stock up in 2022 hay that they might be able to supply you with.  Why, you might ask. The best reason is that you know the quality and 2022 was a great year for production of 1st cut hay in the Northeast and stocking it will insure you proper quality. 
  1. Check with your supplier and find out where they get their hay and what the farmer produced.  Possibly even get a Test done on the hay. A test will show you what is present in the hay, the protein levels, and the relative feed quality. This will help you find out exactly what you are feeding. 
  1. Western Hay.  I know most of you just cringed at the thought. As you might be thinking ugh the price.  Well, the price is not as much of an issue as you might be thinking.  The quality is amazing, a tested product which fills all the right things you need it to.  They are having a great year of production, quality and quantity are hitting the right numbers. Get quotes from your supplier and compare.

There are a few other options I am sure you can come up with. Please think ahead, do not wait to the last minute or gamble that some things will suddenly change.  Prepare yourself. No its not the apocalypse but we do not want to panic come late summer or early fall.   

Aden Brook is here to answer questions if needed. Utilize your representatives knowledge top assist you with the task at hand.