• Where do you deliver?

    We deliver almost anywhere in the US and some overseas using various types of transportation. With our primary focus on 3 areas – Northeast, The High Plains and Florida.

  • Where are you located?

    We have 3 locations to serve you.

    Montgomery, New York –30 types of hay bedding and bale sizes in stock for pickup and a fleet of trucks to deliver to you anywhere in the northeast region.

    Belle Glade, Florida –15 types of Premium Horse Hay and Bedding available for pickup or and a fleet of smaller size trucks to deliver in any size load. This location primarily serves the Wellington FL market.

    Hawk Springs, Wyoming –All grades of Alfalfa, Grass, Mixes, Grain Hay, Sorgum and Straw available in large square and round bales with a fleet of trucks to deliver by the semi load anywhere you need.

  • Where does your hay come from?

    Our hay is sourced from a network of farms scattered across the US and Canada.

  • Can we pick up directly from your farms?

    Yes, if you wish to pick up with your own transportation you can do that from our main farm located in Montgomery, NY, our warehouse located in Belle Glade, FL, or our yard in Hawk Springs, WY. Not all products are available in all locations. Refer to Our Delivery Options for details.

  • How much hay comes on a truck?

    Depending on your area, we can deliver anywhere from 1 ton/30 bales to 35 tons/1,400 bales on a load. We have many sizes of trucks to accommodate different delivery requirements. Refer to Our Delivery Options for details.

  • How is your hay sold, by the ton or bale?

    Almost all our hay is sold by the ton (2,000 lb units). The truck is weighed empty, and then again after loading on a platform scale, to determine the net weight of the product on the truck. This is the most fair and accurate way to sell or purchase hay. You get what you pay for, pound for pound, no matter what the individual bales weigh. In small quantities, or when required, hay is sold by the bale. Shavings are sold by the bale because of common industry trends, however, the weight of a bale of shavings is usually consistent.

  • Do you guarantee the quality of your hay?

    All hay sold by Aden Brook is guaranteed to be as it was represented. If you are unhappy with the quality, we will take whatever measures are necessary to replace or make it right for you. Due to the many types and grades of hay, it is very important that we understand your quality needs before shipping hay to you. We normally determine this in a detailed conversation, either in person, over the phone, or through email.

  • How much notice do you need for a delivery?

    We prefer at least 2 weeks’ notice for delivery. This gives us time to plan our trips efficiently and select the proper hay for your delivery. However, we never let a customer run out of stock. In a situation where you may have forgotten to order, we will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

  • Do you deliver on weekends?

    Yes, when requested, we will deliver on a Saturday. Our operation typically runs 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, allowing our workforce to rest on weekends.

  • What are your office hours and location?

    Our office is staffed from 7 AM until 6 PM, Monday through Friday. The Main Office location is 506 Route 416, Montgomery, NY 12549

  • Can you unload and stack the hay for us?

    Yes, we can deliver and stack for you with our crew for an added cost, for deliveries in our full-service areas. Refer to Our Delivery Options for details.

  • Do you ever run out of hay?

    No, we do not. In our 21 years of business we have never run out of hay or straw to keep our customers going. In certain circumstances we may need to switch a customer over to a more available type of hay or bale size, but this is rare. Our job is to go as far as necessary to find the quality and volume of hay that our customers need. We accomplish this through long-term planning and projections that are constantly being updated as the marketing year progresses.

  • Can you leave a drop trailer for us to unload or to store the hay?

    Yes, we can leave a drop trailer for an added cost for deliveries in our full-service areas with qualifying volume. We have a fleet of 53’ box and 28’ “pup” trailers that we “drop and switch” at customers locations. Refer to Our Delivery Options for details.

  • Are your trucks covered in case of rain during transport?

    We will tarp loads, if necessary, depending on the product and quality grade.