Straight Truck Delivery (includes unloading & Stacking)

Load size from 1 ton to 15 ton depending on requirements. Most loads are sold at 6-7 ton (200 bales) of hay or 450 to 550 shavings. loads can be mixed with several products to fill truck. Straight trucks almost always come equipped with helpers and elevator to put your hay up in a loft or where needed.

Semi Load Delivery (includes unloading & stacking)

Best option for farms where labor or equipment to unload such a delivery may be difficult to find. For a small fee leave this part to us and have peace of mind.

Load size from 15 ton to ton 32 ton (500 to 950 bales) or 1100 to 1400 shavings depending on requirements. Loads can in some cases by mixed with several products and if sold with unloading will come with crew and elevators to stack hay where needed and clean up after.

Semi Load Delivery (customer unloads)

Load size from 15 ton to 32 ton, 500 to 950 small bales or 32 to 75 large square bales. 1100 to 1400 shavings depending on requirements. Loads can be mixed. Customer is responsible for unloading with machine or crew. Our drivers assist where possible, customer typically has 2 to 4 hours unload time.

Drop Trailer

Best option for high volume repeat customers that need onsite storage such as farms, retail stores or construction companies. No unloading needed we drop the full trailer and take the empty.

Load size from 15 ton to 24 ton (500 to 800 bales) or 1100 to 1400 shavings. Most of our box trailers are 53’ with swing doors that can be locked.We do have 28’ “pup” trailers for small farms where space restrictions do not allow for larger trailers. Pup trailers hold around 10 ton (300 bales) hay or 720 shavings. Pup trailers can be split loaded with 2 products.

Ocean Container Delivery (anywhere outside USA)

Ocean containers come in 2 sizes. 20’ and 40’. For our products you need a HC (high cube) unit to maximize the shipment. With recompressed small bales or HDP field densified bales you can pack up to 25 ton in a 40’ container for overseas shipping. This varies by product. 40’ HC containers can hold 990 bags of shavings. Shipments can be mixed.