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Alfalfa Dairy Hay



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Alfalfa Dairy Hay is a high-quality hay for cows that contains all the nutrients they need. Our cow quality hay is specially grown to provide the best possible nutrition for your herd. Our hay is always fresh and ready to ship, so you can be sure your cows are getting the best possible feed.

Supreme Dairy Alfalfa Large Square

Supreme Dairy Alfalfa is our highest testing hay and generally the highest in demand from our dairy customers. It has a test of 185 and higher, some batches may test as high as 230 rfv. Generally our supreme batches are 1st or 4th cuttings but all depends on conditions when it was put up. This hay should be ordered in advance as most batches are sold and contracted by mid fall.

Premium Alfalfa Dairy Hay

Premium dairy alfalfa in large square bales is one of the types of hay we sell the most of. This is a dairy milk cow quality hay generally having a RFV test of 170 to 185 depending on the batch. The hay is generally leafy and short and will fall apart in a feed mixer. We source this hay in the western US where desert conditions make drying alfalfa properly possible. Average batches are around 150 ton and may be as large as 4 to 500 ton. 3×4 bales weigh around 1400lb are most common although we do sell some in 4×4 2000lb and 3×3 1000lb sizes as well. All these bale sizes can be easily moved with a loader equipped with bale spears.

Organic Dairy Alfalfa Hay Large Square Bales

Organic Dairy Alfalfa Hay Large Square Bales grown in the western states on irrigated ground. Batches vary but this hay is consistently very nice dairy quality hay. Green and full of leaf. Large square bales generally weigh 1300lb. Loads come with analysis from Dairy One and grower organic certification.