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Premium Western Alfalfa



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Alfalfa is a perennial grass that grows naturally on the plains of North America. Alfalfa hay is a very nutrient dense forage, with over 12% protein and lots of other nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and iron. It’s also easy to digest due to its high fiber content. a healthy alternative to other feeds. Since alfalfa is naturally high in protein and fiber, it makes an excellent source of energy for your animals. It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Because alfalfa hay is so nutritious, you only need to feed your horse ¼ of the amount of grain compared to feeding them straight grain. This means that alfalfa hay can save you money! Alfalfa has been used by farmers for many years as an excellent feed source for horses and cattle. Alfalfa is known to be highly palatable and nutritious, leading to higher intakes when compared.

Premium Alfalfa in 3 Tie Bales

Premium alfalfa in 3 tie bales is our top seller in the horse alfalfa category. We source this hay mostly in Nevada where high elevation, lower temps and desert conditions come together to produce the greenest and leafiest alfalfa year after year. It is normally 2nd cutting with a high leaf to stem ratio and nicely packed in consistent flakes that come apart easily. This hay is a staple food for many horse breeding operations as well as being used on many farms to supplement the diets of other animals that require alfalfa. The test results will generally be over 20% protein and an RFV around 175. The bales weigh from 105lb to 130lb depending on the batch. Although heavy they are not too bad to handle and can be moved around easily

Premium Alfalfa in Large Square Bales

Western Alfalfa Premium Horse quality hay is one of the most efficient feeds for large scale horse farms or where clean inside stored alfalfa is needed. We source this hay in Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho. It is clean, green with great leaf retention and flakes off nicely. Most of what we grade for horses is in 3x3 (900lb) bales for easier use and handling. The hay tests in the 160 rfv/20% protein range depending on batch. Most batches are 2nd or 3rd cut. Available by semi load, straight truck load or pickup at any of our yards.

Fair Quality Alfalfa Large Square

Fair Quality Alfalfa tests in the range of 130 to 150 / 16 to 18 protein. It is great winter feed for cows or to be incorporated into dry cow or heifer rations. Most batches have good leaf retention and color although some may have striping or minimal rain damage. Sold in large square bales ranging in weight from 900 to 2000lb.