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Premium Western Timothy



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Timothy Hay is a nutrient dense feed that is perfect for horses, cattle, and other livestock. It is available in bulk quantities, making it a great value for farmers and ranchers.

Premium Western Timothy 1st Cut in 3 Tie Bales

Premium Western Timothy 1st Cutting is the highest quality 1st cutting horse hay available. Because of the growing and drying conditions in Nevada and Washington where this hay is produced it consistently meets the highest quality requirements year after year. Some of the best competition horses in the world feed this hay. The hay is light green, sweet smelling and has excellent texture with minimal brown leaf. The 3 tie bales come apart and flake nicely for feeding. Bales weigh around 100lb and are easily manageable in a stable situation. If you are looking for the best high fiber timothy available this is the hay you need.

Premium Western Timothy 2nd Cut Hay in 3 Tie Bales

Premium Western Timothy 2nd Cut is a soft green hay, higher in protein and more palatable than 1st cutting but lower in fiber. This is a very clean sweet smelling hay that although higher in protein it’s still lower than alfalfa and good for a variety of feeding applications. Because of its highly palatable consistency it’s a great hay for horses that don’t eat a coarse hay well. It is popular with race horse and polo horse customers as well as others. Also excellent choice for goats and sheep. The hay comes in a 100lb 3 tie bale.