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Timothy Grass Mix Hay



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Timothy Grass Mix Hay is an excellent source of fiber and protein. It is one of the most popular types of horse feed, because it’s rich in nutrients and has a good amount of digestible energy. Timothy hay contains more calcium than alfalfa, which makes it a great choice for animal’s with dental problems or those who are prone to bone loss. This type of grass is also high in potassium, which helps to regulate your animal’s blood pressure and heart rate. Timothy grass hay can be fed as-is or cut up into smaller pieces for easier consumption.

Timothy Grass Mix Hay in 2 String Bales

Timothy grass mix 1st cut hay 2 string bales is a common local hay found in many areas of the northeast. It is great for horses and many other types of animals and is the staple feed on many pleasure horse farms as well as farms where a variety of animals are being fed. The hay is grassy and softer having a texture not as coarse as a straight timothy or timothy alfalfa. It is also generally lower in cost than the other types of hay. Consistency is a problem with this type of hay because it is produced on smaller farms mostly in the eastern northeast where the terrain is hilly with changing soil types. For this reason some grasses do better than others in different parts of the fields and you end up with inconsistency. However it is great hay. The bales generally weigh around 45lb and can be easily handled.

Timothy Grass Mix Hay in Round Bales (Stored Inside)

Timothy Grass Mix Hay in Round Bales are stored inside and free of mold or water damage. They are an excellent choice for outside feeding low maintenance horses or a variety of animals depending on your needs. The hay is nice and clean, baled dry and moved to storage before weather damage. They are net wrapped and weigh around 600lb. our straight trucks hold 20 bales and flatbed semis hold 48 bales for delivery.

2nd Cut Timothy Grass Mix Round Bales (Stored Inside)

2nd Cut Timothy Grass Mix Round Bales, this is a soft green horse quality hay that’s an excellent choice for feeding outside. Its higher in protein than the 1st cutting and very palatable. Its also great hay for sheep, goats, alpacas, calves and other animals that require a soft higher protein hay. The bales have been stored inside with no weather damage and are net wrapped. They weigh around 620lb.