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Triticale is an excellent source of nutrition for animals, providing them with high levels of protein and other essential nutrients. Triticale is a great way to buy in bulk and save money, as it is cheaper than most other types of feed. Triticale helps to keep animals healthy and happy, while the wrapped bales make it easy to store and transport.

Triticale Wrapped Forage Large Square

Triticale cut early just at flag leaf stage and bailed high density in 3x4 bales then wrapped with 10 layers of plastic to keep all air out. We dry it for 3 days to get the moisture down as low as possible before bailing. Because of the density of the bale and the many layers of wrap we are sure each bale keeps exceptionally well having no mold or black spots under the plastic. This makes excellent cow feed for milking cows or as an additive to a TMR. Bales flake apart very well and are processed for feeding. Weight is around 1500lb per bale.