Its All About Movement

by Cosmos Fitzpatrick
President Aden Brook Trading Corp. | 01 June 2022 | [email protected] | 845.422.8263


When a farmer has a vision for something they want they roll up their sleeves and go after it. A dream of success from the soil. They can create something of value from so little. But let’s discuss what that really means…..

They see an opportunity on a plot of soil, sunlight, and water. 

They chose to bet on the market on what seeds to plant. 

They put the money on the table by purchasing seed, tractors and implements. 

They lock down that investment with planting the acres.

They double down on their bet by choosing when to harvest and banking that the weather holds out.

The harvest is in, its stored in the barn but nothing is guaranteed. The reward isn’t had. The gamble hasn’t paid…

They gamble for the ultimate prize. The American Dream. Success through hard work, with the odds slightly better than being at a casino. In order for this to happen the product MUST MOVE! 

The United States of American is largely known as the land of opportunity. Opportunity is defined as “a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something”. These circumstances include room for improvement, the freedom to improve and the resources to improve. 

Our country boasts the 2nd largest amount of arable land (Land that can be used to grow crops) in the world. We have diversity in farmland with varying soil types and growing conditions expanding from the Atlantic Shoreline through the aired Midwest and Pacific shore. We boast one of the most robust logistics networks in the world. We have little restrictions when it comes to what crops we can plant, machinery we can use and financial assistance we can acquire. So why are our agricultural communities fading away over the last 50 years? 

As the global and national economy evolves our farms are put under the pressure of evolution. The evolution of technology, and innovation over the last 50 years has sped up the efficiency of farming. With the same amount of labor the average farm can manage 10 times the acreage that they used to. The expense of this efficiency is the machinery used to get it done, worth every penny, but 10 times the cost. The trend we continue to see of larger and larger farms continues as farms adapt to the evolution of our agricultural system. The consequence of this expansion is the amount of risk the average farmer must take on. Risk or debt, as long as its maintained is one of the keys to our agricultural system. 

This evolution of the agricultural system is good for America, good for people needing food around the world and good for the average farmer…. as long as the products they produce stay moving to the marketplace. Movement, as with all things, is the driving force of life. 

When a farmer takes a gamble on the American Dream we do everything we can to move their product to market. We believe after all that work a farmer MUST be paid. Not just paid, but rewarded. 

Aden Brook originated from the growing need from farmers to help bring products to market. Its easier than ever to produce large quantities of product but not all products are easy to turn into money. 

Every week we will bring you articles about navigating the markets of the unique products our farmers are producing. We will discuss the challenges and amazing benefits these products have, not just on the health of the earth but the health of our communities. 

As we echo to our farmers every day, “things don’t stop moving when they die, they die when they stop moving”. Whomever you are reading this, keep it moving and if you need help moving it, we are here. 



Cosmos Fitzpatrick is the President of Aden Brook Trading Corp.