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Ouellet Shavings



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100% natural products are made from wood shavings or organic material. Whether it is litter for pigs, cows, horses or chickens, Litière Ouellet products will meet the different needs of your animals. Litière Ouellet promises to offer you a superior quality product since 55 years. The different top of the line litter products are suitable for all your farm animals.

Fine shavings

Fine wood shavings offer maximal absorption. Largely used in hog and dairy farms for rapid and optimal absorption. Fine shavings is obtained following a refining process. This type of litter is the one that contains the most dust compared to the other products offered. However, it is very absorbent and used with large breeding : pork, dairy and cattle farming. Animals can stay dry longer which increases wellbeing and comfort.

Standard shavings

Medium size wood shavings have a high absorption rate and provide comfort to the animal. This litter type can be used for any farm animal. Standard shavings is a blend of coarse, medium and fine shavings. It is an interesting choice with good absorption and low dust. Standard shavings suits for any animal species and productions. Pine and spruce are the tree essences used for their good smell for the animal’s environment and to allow reducing ammonia smell contained in urine.