Item #9PCLPCS000

Pinecone Shavings



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Pinecone kiln dried pine shavings are the perfect bedding solution for large farm animals, particularly dairy and horses. These shavings are ultra-absorbent, thanks to their fine grade milling from yellow pine lumber. They come with a fresh pine scent that neutralizes any unwanted odors, making them a preferred choice among customers. Additionally, these shavings are highly screened, ensuring there is virtually no dust.

Farm owners love these shavings because they last a long time in the stall, and manure can be sifted easily with a cleaning fork. The bags are well packed, containing 4.0 cubic feet and weighing around 40 pounds.

For those looking for fuller bedding with maximum cushioning for their animals, medium flakes are the way to go. They require less measurable use, saving time and money in the long run. Meanwhile, for those who want to reduce labor costs, finer and lighter flakes make maintenance easier, thanks to their easy-to-handle nature. Regardless of the choice you make, Pinecone kiln dried pine shavings have you covered.

Medium Pine Shavings

Medium flakes make for fuller bedding with maximum cushioning for horses and other large farm animals. Less measurable use needed = more time and money savings.

Fine Pine Shavings

​Finer, lighter flakes = easier maintenance of bedding and this reduces labor costs.