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Queen Horse Bedding: Premium Shavings for Your Equine Companion

Queen Horse Bedding is a family-owned and operated business that is deeply passionate about providing top-quality products for horses. Our team consists of avid horse owners and active competitors, which fuels our commitment to delivering the finest bedding solutions available.

Our range of shavings is designed to meet the diverse needs of horse owners, ensuring maximum comfort and cleanliness for your beloved animals. We take pride in offering three exceptional products:

  1. Easy Sift: This virtually dust-free fine flake shaving has gained immense popularity within the horse community. Easy Sift is expertly crafted to be highly absorbent, enabling you to clean your stalls quickly and efficiently. Packaged in a compressed form of 2.2 cubic feet, it expands to an impressive 5.51 cubic feet when in use.
  2. Queen Flake/Curly Q (medium): Providing both low dust and a plush, fluffy texture, our Queen Flake/Curly Q shavings offer unparalleled cushioning and comfort for your horses. Made from 100% kiln-dried pine, this bedding consists of pure large flakes and easy sift that have been double screened to ensure a fluffy, low dust experience. Each bag of Queen Flake/Curly Q contains 8.0 cubic feet of expanded shavings.
  3. King Flake (large): For the ultimate in underfoot cushioning and absorbency, look no further than our King Flake bedding. These 100% kiln-dried pine shavings are carefully double screened to provide a fluffy and low dust bedding option. With its remarkable 9.5 cubic feet of expanded volume, King Flake delivers maximum comfort and a clean environment for your horses.

Choose Queen Horse Bedding for a reliable and superior solution to your equine bedding needs. With our dedication to quality and passion for horses, we guarantee that our shavings will exceed your expectations. Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the exceptional difference that Queen Horse Bedding brings to their stables.