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Top Bedding



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Top Bedding carefully selects their wood shavings from the northeast region in North America in order to offer a variety of moisture free products to our customers. As wood shavings are more abundant in the summer than in winter, Top Bedding stores their products in bulk in warehouses. Top Bedding houses more than 800 trailers to ensure adequate availability of our products.

What makes Top Bedding stand apart from the competition is they do not bag their product right from the mill. Top Bedding wood shavings are transported to high-tech factories to sort and create blends that meet the specific needs of the animal.

Fine Flake

This type of Top-Bedding wood shavings is mainly used for cows and pigs. It is valued for its high level of absorption and its very low humidity rate. Naturally, this product contains more fine particles and sawdust than the medium and large types. However, more and more buyers are choosing this type of shavings for their horses. Type of bags : Paper (with staples) & Plastic (without staples).

Large Flake

Dust-free, this type of Top-Bedding wood shavings is used mainly for horses and poultry. It stays very clean and is snug and cozy for your animals. Type of bags : Paper (with staples) & Plastic (without staples).