Item #5000-2

Wheat Straw Bales For Home Construction



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Wheat Straw in 2 string bales for home building construction. The straw is clean combined wheat straw free from weeds and with minimal to no grain left in it. We select batches of straw that have consistent clean, dense, square and dry bales. Moisture below 10% or or equal to outside air moisture is a must when building. All the straw we sell for building has been barn stored and gone through any curing process. We recommend you never purchase straw off the field for home construction because no matter how dry it was it still needs to go through a curing process. Bales are tied with plastic twine and measure 18” W X 14” H X Aprox 36” L.. Wire tied bales are also available in limited quantity. Density on our bales is high with consistent smaller flake size. When planning to build a house we recommend you reserve straw ahead of time so that we can have the right product held for you. Depending on how many bales you require for your construction we can accommodate any size load and can delivery almost anywhere with proper planning.